Need to get your shop online? No problem! Our e-commerce packages will have you trading online in no time at all. We use tips and tricks to make sure you stay in front of competitors.

Everyman and his dog now search the internet to find products they need. Gifts for grandma, birthday present for your best mate, it's important to have your products online and available to a nationwide audience.

We can design and develop the perfect shopping experience for your customers.  Our Content management system allows you to upload new products and edit your current ones.  Need to have a sale?  Great!  At the flick of a button, our system lets you choose items you need to put on sale.

Standard E-Commerce Features:

  • Stock Control
  • Reporting
  • Discount Coupons/Vouchers
  • Upsell product features during checkout
  • Product attributes
  • Upload images, edit product description from WYSIWYG editor

But wait, theres more!

  • Search Engine Friendly URLS.  Rather than having urls which make no sense to search engines, we use semantic coding.. so your product will show as: www.mysite.com/products/computers/laptops/acer.  This helps search engines understand what the page is about, and rank it better because of good coding practice.
  • Social network integration feeds your products to social networks, helping get the word out about your products.  As soon as you enter a new product in to your store, the system sends a tweet.  Instant customer flow, targetted to your niche.
  • Automated META tag generation.  META tags are in the code of websites, these describe what the content of a page is.  The system generates this from the description of say, a product.  Normally META tags have to be coded in.
  • We integrate your E-Commerce Website with Google Shopping.  Ever search for a product, and found some companies get highlighted in the search with the companies name?  We automate this too for you.  You will also get listed for your products when people search Google Shops, another avenue worth having.