Why Twitter Is Great For Search Engine Optimization

I'm sure you've heard of Twitter by now, if not where have you been?  Twitter has become a household name, the reason for this is it is quick, easy to use, an strangely addictive.


For this reason, it is a great tool to use for SEO or search engine optimization, as not only does it bring user flow to your site at a vast rate, it is also a great way of ranking better in search engines, as Twitter has a lot of authority in search rank.  So say if you have a website blog, a great way of reaching people about a post is Tweet the post title to Twitter, and watch readers flock in.


Twitter buttons on your individual posts are another great way of using Twitter Search Engine Optimization.  This allows users to read your post, but then Retweet if they like what they have just read. 


Give Twitter Search Engine Optimization a go, you will find it will work wonders for your site and increase traffic.


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