Why Pay A Deposit When Starting A Web Design Project?

A common question many web designers are faced with.. "Why do I need to pay a deposit?"  It is generally a good idea for any web design company, or freelancer to ask for a deposit, or booking fee.  Not only does this bind the customer to finish the project in hand, but also gives the web designer some security.  Image finishing a project, then asking the client for the full amount only to find out the finished product is no longer required, a web designers nightmare for sure. 

I find most of our clients are okay with this, and is the normal thing to really.  Big Pepper generally sets a 25% deposit in order to start the ball rolling with a project, then the rest after completion.  25% is generally set on an estimated time of completion x hourly rate.

If you're honest with your client, and explain why a deposit is required, I'm sure they will be very understanding, and happy to pay the amount specified.