Semantic Web Design

Semantic Web Design

A buzz word right now on the web is semantic. Semantic coding is a way of helping machines better organize data and understand what the content is about.  Semantic integration is also keeps code clean.  HTML 5 will offer this, which is still a long way off, but HTML 5 will use new tags, such as <nav> which will hold navigation, <header> will hold headings, and <footer> will contain extra information, such as meta data and such. 


Semantic integration can be used in standard HTML 4 using class names, which can help with SEO.  So for a navigation section, use <div class="nav">, or for sections of content, use descriptive class names such as "col-1", rather than just left.  This not only helps humans understand code, but search engines too.  You can also nest such class names.  So say if you wanted a sidebar section, you could use:


<div class="sidebar-right">

<div class="header"><h1>Example Title</h1></div>

<div class="content">Example content</div>

<div class="footer">Meta data, such as RSS, Twitter link</div>



Another way of describing data is RDF, or Resource Description Framework.  A better way to explain RDF is to show an example, consider the following, say if you wanted to describe to search engines two records from a CD list:

Empire BurlesqueBob DylanUSAColumbia10.901985
Hide your heartBonnie TylerUKCBS Records9.901988


<?xml version="1.0"?>


rdf:about="http://www.recshop.fake/cd/Empire Burlesque">
  <cd:artist>Bob Dylan</cd:artist>

rdf:about="http://www.recshop.fake/cd/Hide your heart">
  <cd:artist>Bonnie Tyler</cd:artist>
  <cd:company>CBS Records</cd:company>


The code above may look alien, but this is how RDF code looks like.


Drupal 7 will integrate RDF as standard, which has been hyped as a big push towards semantic web, search engines such as Yahoo's Search Monkey already uses RDF data in search results.  This maybe an advantage SEO-wise, maybe not right now, but certainly in the future.


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