We often get asked questions, about how we work, what we offer, so on and fourth. Here is our list of FAQ. If you don't find what you need here, please contact us.

  • Where does your service cover?

We provide website design throughout the UK, but our work is mostly based in Leeds, Wakefield, and surrounding areas.


  • What is a CMS

A CMS stands for Content Management System.  This system allows you to edit your website.  You can edit articles, upload images, add items to your shop, all through a WYSIWYG editor.  So there is no geeky coding, leave that to us!


  • Do you offer support?

We offer support, as we understand just how tricky it may be getting used to your new website design.   We offer one year of free support!  So whenever you get stuck, let us know and we'll fix it in a jiffy.


  • How do you know exactly what I want?

We will ask the right questions, using great communication, something we're proud of!  Once we are both on the right track,  we will start with wireframe mockups, to get the layout you need for your site, this also gives us an idea of how users will navigate your website.   When you're happy, we then move on to the website design process.  We will send you sample mockups, including swatches, fonts, images and more, to get the right look and feel for your website.  We will work with you till you are happy with the outcome.


  • Will my website be SEO ready?

SEO, or search engine optimization is crucial on any site to ensure you're getting as many browsers to your new website design as possible.   Say if you were to search for shoes in Leeds, you would need to make sure these are the keywords we make good use of.   SEO relies on good use of keywords, coding which is web standards compliant.  We also integrate services such as Twitter, Facebook and Digg.  This is great, as every time you make a post in, say, your shop, or blog, it will auto send it to social networks, giving you excellent exposure! 


  • Do you have good experience?

We are very experienced in website design and web development.  For many years we have offered website design in Leeds and local areas, we are very professional, and prompt.  The Big Pepper team are fluent with languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript/jQuery and more..   Our graphic skillsets lay with Photoshop and Adobe illustrator.