Design Process

Our website design process allows us to work with you and come up with something which is tailored to your needs, something which we can both be proud of.

Design Process


The first step of the website design process is to figure out navigation, and usability.  We do this using wireframe mockups, the skeleton of the site.  This let's us view the real importance of a website.  Your average web design company would aim more for design than usability, this should be the opposite, because if a user can't find what they need, they may go elsewhere!  We use this also to put in place and plan what you want to offer the browser.  We also use this stage to find out who the website will be aimed at, what is your aim, what do you want to offer.  We first decide on what navigation is best with you.  We will send you wireframe mockups and our plans on how we will move forward.   Once we're both happy, we then move on to the fun part!



Once we have have a plan in place, we then start with the design.  We will send you sample imagery, swatches, colour ideas to get the ball rolling.  We aim to create something which looks fresh and is pleasing to look at, doing this keeps eyesballs on your website!  Using our design experience, we know what your users will want to see.


The Goal

Using the above method will help us reach your overall goal.  By now we should have a fully functioning website ready to use.  We confirm with you that everything is what you need, and make sure we have reach our original goal.  We are still here at this stage, as we want to make sure you are happy, and see the website is reaching it's full potential.  We give you support and any questions you have, we're here to answer.